UCServer-FW, are all-in-one firewall, which mainly meet the network and data management of enterprise with staffs less than 500. Their functions including router,firwall,VPN,internet behavior management etc


 Gibit Firewall—Big Throughout and Stable

For the hardware,we use industrial class platform.And the software, we use BSD operating system which bases on UNIX.
Seven packet filtering
Good Compatibility
Superior Expansibiliy

OpenVPN — Perfect audio and data network

Full Compatibility
Currently,OpenVPN can be run on Solaris、Linux、FreeBSD、NetBSD、Mac OS X,Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/WIN8 and Android systems.

Flexible Networking
The complicated star VPN network can be built up through remote access, peer to peer and route command.

Multiple Authentication Methods
The VPN uses public key, digital certificate, or user name / password for authentication

UDP Protocol
OpenVPN using UDP can reduce half voice delay than OpenVPN using TCP.

SSL & LZO packed
LZO packed  function greatly reduces bandwidth occupancy. And SSL acceleration also reduces the occupation time of the packet processing.
Almost no NAT block


Internet behavior management

Prevent bandwidth resource abuse
Avoid work-relatedless internet behavior
Provide basis for network management and optimization
Avoid virus, trojan
Low cost  IT system

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